Advanced Training Classes

These classes are three days long and cover the topics of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. There are sixteen dynamic topics presented throughout the class.

The information is new and relevant, not the same old stuff you have heard before. The topics are behaviorally and psychologically based.  We use our 29 years of law enforcement experience and 20 years of training experience learning from our attendees to create a training program best suited for your needs.

Training Topics

Bystander Intervention

Introduction to Human Trafficking

Identifying Signs of Strangulation

Effects of Trauma on Memory and Behavior

Case Study

Preventing Sexual Assault of Children

Interviewing Victims of Sexual Assault

Law Enforcement & Service Providers’ Liability

Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault

The Effects of Childhood Trauma in Later Years

Stalking and Cyber Stalking

Making Sure Orders for Protection Work

Domestic Violence Homicide and Suicide Awareness and Prevention

The Nexus Between Animal Abuse & Domestic Abuse