Let the National Institute of Crime Prevention come to you!

At the National Institute of Crime Prevention we understand the difficulty many agencies have in sending their personnel to distant locations for training. Many agencies cannot spare the personnel, needed travel time and cost, especially in such trying times. That is why we provide training at your location. Our Instructors will travel to your city to conduct our two or three – day intimate partner violence and sexual assault classes.

We will customize a program to meet your needs. Here are all of our training topics.

If you already have a conference planned and would like one of our instructors to present one or more topics we will be glad to work with you..

Email Rod Reder with your ideas so that we can help you with your training needs, or call 813-294-9757.

The experience and expertise our instructors bring to your training session is invaluable. Let the members of the National Institute of Crime Prevention provide you with the training you may need. Check our instructor’s biographies on the following pages and you can see first hand why they are nationally recognized in their fields.

Contact us at 813-294-9757 with your training needs.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Training

San Antonio, Texas
January 17-19, 2018
Wyndam San Antonio Riverwalk
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Training Topics

  • Rape Awareness and Sensitivity for Men
  • Incest Case Study “House of Secrets”
  • Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse
  • "How the System Failed a Little Girl." The Jaycee Dugard Case Review
  • The Nexus Between DV and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
  • The Effects of Childhood Trauma in Later Years
  • The Psychology of Abuse. “Why Does He Do It?”
  • When DV Becomes Workplace Violence
  • Family Related Homicide/Suicide Awareness and Prevention
  • Model Policy for Law Enforcement Response to Domestic Violence
  • Ways to Reduce DV in Law Enforcement and Military Families
  • Case History Crystal Judson Braeme
  • Human Sexual Trafficking
  • Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence
  • Do Batterers' Intervention Programs Work?
  • Developing Coordinated Community Programs to Combat DV
  • Bystander Intervention in DV “How You Can Help”