National Training Conferences

The National Institute of Crime Prevention hosts nine training classes yearly in five cities nationwide. (See the training schedule to the right). The classes are three and a half days long and cover the topics of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. There are sixteen dynamic sessions presented throughout the classes. The information is new and relevant, not the same old stuff you have heard before. The sessions are behaviorally based, psychologically based, and based on 29 years of law enforcement experience & 20 years of training experience learning from our attendees.

Click on one of the trainings listed to the right to see a PDF flyer with full details.

We welcome law enforcement officers, victim advocates, social workers, therapists, military, nurses, educators, rape counselors, batterer’s prevention counselors, and victims.

We are Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) providers for several disciplines in Nevada, North Carolina, Kentucky, and the military.
We provide 18 CEU hours for Social Workers in 46 states.

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The National Institute of Crime Prevention (NICP) was formed in 1999 by four Law Enforcement Officers with over 80 years combined experience. We have spent our careers serving victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as holding batterers accountable. We know what needs to be done and we can show you.

Our instructors have a diverse background of specialties and have been nationally recognized as experts in their fields. We truly believe in providing quality domestic abuse and sexual assault training to build a safer community for all. Our mission is to provide law enforcement, victim advocates, judges, prosecutors, military personnel, educators, and public health workers quality training regarding domestic violence and sexual assault issues that affect victims’ day to day lives. Visit our Training page for more information on domestic violence and sexual assault training.

We can customize a program for you and present it on the site of your choice. Contact Rod Reder at Rod@nicp.net or call 813-294-9757

CPTEDCrime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Basic, Advanced, and Specialized CPTED Training


SOCIAL WORKERS- We offer 18 CEU contact hours for these classes through NASW.
* Nevada social workers receive 19.25 hours

Training Topics

  • Case History of Sexual Abuse
  • Keys to a Successful Rape Investigation and Prosecution
  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • Intimate Partner Rape
  • Domestic Violence Is a Community Problem
  • Understanding Victim and Abuser Behaviors
  • What is this Doing to the Kids?
  • Recognizing Strangulation as a Crime
  • Effective Intervention is the Key
  • Women Who Use Violence
  • Elder Abuse
  • Cyber Stalking
  • Do Orders for Protection Protect?
  • Is Victimless Prosecution Still Possible?
  • Alternative Theories of Domestic Violence
  • Interviewing the Rape Suspect
  • Sexual Violence Model Policy
  • Drug Facilitated Rape
  • Typologies of Abusers
  • Dynamics of Domestic Violence
  • Predominant Aggressor
  • Officer Involved Incidents
  • Rape Sensitivity for Men
  • Domestic Violence Model Policy